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Nhung Bui - 1st-year Student at Lac Hong University

“My listening and speaking skills along with vocabulary range have improved significantly.”

Thing I like the most about Epic is I can apply all the common phrases I've learned right away in real-life situations. Moreover, with multiple games, I can practice all 4 skills: listening - speaking - reading - writing.

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Unlock 60+ units (300+ byte-sized lessons)Unlock 2 units/course
Look up unlimited wordsLook up 3 words/video
Save unlimited wordsSave 20 words
8 vocabulary games
Practice with 1 video/day
Watch videos with dual sub and IPA transcript
Connect YouTube videos without limit *
Unlock 60+ units (300+ byte-sized lessons)
Look up unlimited words
Save unlimited words
8 vocabulary games
Practice with 60.000+ videos
Watch videos with dual sub and IPA transcript
Connect YouTube videos without limit *
New features are updated weekly
Priority support
*Connect to videos from YouTube that has original or auto-generated subtitles

New lessons updated weekly

Developed by an expert team that created a 4.9-star product on Chrome Store

Priority support. 7 days/week

8AM - 10PM, GMT+7

Frequently Asked Questions

If you pay via Apple/ Google Play store, your visa/master card, your account will be upgraded to Pro immediately.
If you pay via MoMo or bank transfer, eJOY will send the Pro activation code to your email within 24 working hours.
Epic is not limited to learning devices. However, currently Epic has only released a learning application on phones and tablets, no computer version yet.
Currently, Epic has not have its own website, so you will not be able to learn Epic on computers and laptops
Absolutely. You will be able to try all Pro features of Epic such as learning lessons, watching bilingual videos, looking up words, saving words, reviewing lessons...

More than 500.000 users around the world are using eJOY to speak English fluently. Don't you want to miss this chance?